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Research Advisory Group

What is the RAG?

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RAG is the Research Advisory Group for the INTERACT trial.

The RAG group gives friendly advice and oversight to the research team.

This is to make sure the research is conducted appropriately and is applicable to people with PMLD and their families/carers.

The RAG communicates regularly with each other and the research team. 

Who is in the RAG?

Lynnette Menzies      Intensive Interaction Practitioner 

Graham Firth           Intensive Interaction Practitioner 

Jenny Miller             Research team Chief Executive of                                     PAMIS

Lucy Ziegler             Research team - Parent/Carer

Rachel Jiggins          Percy Hedley School

Rachael Griffiths       Wilson Stuart School 

Khoukha Nacef        Parent/carer

Carys Senior            Chiltern School

Michaela Read         Chiltern School

Rebecca Ellis            Middleton Primary School

Amy Ray                 Speech and Language Therapy  

Alycia Lim               Speech and Language Therapy

Francesca Heale      Speech and Language Therapy

Ruth Salisbury          Intensive Interaction Practitioner

Hannah Lane          Speech and Language Therapy

Tracey Conlon         Parent/carer

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